Bewegliche Kunst, kinetic art, recycling art project

My expressions of art are metal sculptures and metal sculptures as well or wind chimes, metal images for the space or facade design, metal design, action art, and complex design solutions. My internal goal is to create art that incorporates the environment of the desired location in itself. Whether with the sculpture at the art and architecture, in landscape as a garden sculpture or sculptures in the garden, I always give the location-based features and the landscape or architectural style, historical or contemporary, great attention. How do I develop a special sensitivity to the individuality of the place and the principal. In this way I am able zukreieren so diverse artistic works. Even though my Hauptgestalltungsmittel – is the most diverse expressions of the metal design, are collages of material has long been a creative challenge gladly accepted. Through the many years I have acquired an additional scale,’s restoration and artistic abilities, I am able to apply techniques most diverse and comprehensive design issues to resolve. Whether in Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg or worldwide, my artistic scope knows no bounds. With your own gallery, exhibition organization and performance, the artistic appearance is rounded off. Sorted metal scrap yards and recycling centers are the basis for many works of art, this is only secondary to its form and nature but about its use before re-energize the recycling needs to be spent. Art makes it possible to consider energy a perpetuum mobile!


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