Zeitgeist Skulptur, Fantasie, Skulptur am Meer, sculpture on the sea

Mirko Siakkou-Flodin’s expressions of metal art are sculptures as well or wind chimes, metal images, Design, Performance art, as well as complex design solutions. Its inner purpose is to create art that incorporates the environment of the desired location in itself. Whether in art and architecture, sculpture for the garden wherever he is inspired by the location-based features and the landscape or architectural style. This fact, he is able to develop such diverse artistic works. Even if his Hauptgestalltungsmittel – are the most diverse expressions of the metal design, which are combinations of materials has long been a creative challenge gladly accepted. Through the many years I have acquired an additional scale, restoration and artistic abilities, he is able to apply techniques most diverse and comprehensive design issues to resolve. Whether in Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg or the world, his artistic scope knows no bounds. With your own gallery, exhibition organization and performance, the artistic appearance is rounded off. Even if we keep the artist’s style and his field of work trying to sort into categories that are fluent in mo’s metalwork, the transitions and interweave themselves and their ideas.


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